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Actuator: 6"x6", Positioner, No Linkage :- These 6"; pneumatic damper actuators, with glass-filled nylon bodies, are designed to position automatic air dampers in pneumatically controlled systems. The MCP-1160 Series features a universal mounting bracket for use with dampers, butterfly valves, and variable fan inlet vanes. The MCP-1160 has an 8 to 13 psi main spring for ample return power. The linkage is adjustable from 60? to 120? of the damper rotation at full stroke. The units may be used for modulating or two-position applications with or without an adjustable start-point positive positioner. (MCP-1160-1111 with mounting hardware, CMC-1001 positive positioner, feedback spring, clevis, and crank arm linkage shown in photo. The mounting post is NOT included.)

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