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Tasseron Sensors & Controls


Tasseron builds millions of temperature sensors in over 1000 different models annually for OEMs in various industries including boiler manufacturers, coffee makers, catering equipment, solar transportation, medical and many others. Any size, any type of material, any type of element, Tasseron can make it. Many times we realize that it's not what you want but what you need that is important. Give us a call to talk to us about what you need for your next project.

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The VZ8250 Room Controller

VZ8250 Features Product Highlights The VZ8250 Room Controller has the following high level functionality: • Low-voltage microprocessor-based Variable Air Volume (VAV) controller. • Configurable to support damper control for Pressure Independent (PI) and Pressure Dependent (PD) VAV systems. • Pre-programmed, containing all required I/O to accomplish VAV Application. • Embedded local configuration utility using the touch screen allowing for simplified configuration, sequence selection, reinitialization, setting of setpoints and control of display settings. • Accurate temperature control using a PI (Proportional-Integral) algorithm. • Integrated Changeover function. • Configurable temporary or permanent local override setpoints. • Local or remote override during unoccupied mode. • Adjustable local unoccupied heating and cooling setpoint limits, as well as maximum heating and minimum cooling limits. • Adjustable dead and proportional bands. • Remote night set back. • Door, window, wall, ceiling or motion detection. • Custom programs using Lua Scripts.

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