Pneumatic Products

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  • Honeywell VP527A1059/U


    Honeywell VP527A1059/U

    Meet the Honeywell VP527A1059/U, a high-pressure valve engineered for exceptional performance in air conditioning and fan coil units. This normally open, single-seated valve provides proportional control of hot and cold water, ensuring precise...

  • LP916B1017/U



    Overview Two-pipe, single temperature, unit mounted, remote bulb pneumatic thermostat used to provide proportional control of pneumatic valves and damper actuators in heating and air conditioning systems. Features Liquid filled remote bulb.Direct...

  • MP909D1474/U



    Overview MP909D is used for pneumatic proportional control of variable volume terminal units and small dampers. Available in various operating ranges, for either individual or sequence operation with other actuators. Compatible with all competitors...

  • MP953E1319/U



    Overview Pneumatic actuators provide proportional control of steam or hot or cold liquids in HVAC systems by operating V5011, V5013, and VGF valve assemblies. Replacement devices are available for older Honeywell actuators. Features Rolling diaphragm...