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Interesting Facts On Your Central Air Conditioning Systems Part 2

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Summertime is full of fun and sunshine for many Americans. The beautiful weather and long days help to create the perfect time for enjoying the great outdoors with leisure. When it comes to the comfort of your home, though, the hot season can be anything but relaxing. If your work requires the use of top-quality HVAC supplies, chances are that you will have your hands full. Industry professionals and crafty homeowners alike can benefit from DM Supply Source, a comprehensive provider of heating and cooling supplies. Carrying over 150,000 HVAC products, our online store is backed by the service and support you deserve. While we’re proud to be a full-service HVAC supply house, we understand that not everyone is as excited about the process as us. Today, we’ll continue our last blog by discussing a few more interesting heating and cooling facts that may prove insightful for customers or family members.

  • Air conditioners do just that. The AC in a typical home works to take the moisture out of air as well as cool it, creating more comfort. The hotter months bring more moisture into the home, raising certain risks, such as higher levels of mold and mildew. Anyone that suffers from allergies can be especially at risk for discomfort when there is too much moisture in the home. However, the ambient humidity content varies from region to region, meaning that air conditioners may dry out the home too much. Anyone dealing with too much or too little moisture should speak to a professional for advice.
  • Vehicle AC has been in use for nearly 80 years. The Packard Motor Car Company provided an optional car air conditioner at the end of the 1930s that could provide comfort for the higher class on hotter days. However, the cost and inconvenience made this luxury less popular than Packard had hoped. The size of the machine needed to condition the vehicle took up roughly half of the trunk space and was a menace to maintain. While not popular up until the intro of a better unit by Nash in 1954, AC units were primarily used for only the wealthiest drivers and early limousines of the day.
  • Air conditioning raises our life expectancy. As a society, being able to keep the interior temperature of structures stable has produced ample advances in medicine and technology. These modern medical advances have provided the help needed to gain an upper hand in keeping our booming population healthy. At-risk citizens who are prone to health issues in high heat areas are also living longer thanks to air conditioning. In fact, research has established that the likelihood of dying on an extremely hot day has decreased by at least 80 percent, providing safety and comfort to many people.
  • HVAC made life possible in unwelcome environments. Certain areas of the country, such as Nevada and Arizona, can lend thanks to air conditioning for their population counts. Before HVAC devices were commonplace, there were few effective methods of cooling air, and even these actions were miniscule in their effectiveness. The increased prevalence of AC units led to an exodus toward the hotter lands. States that were rich in land and opportunity could now be settled in much more comfort.

The quest for comfort has pushed mankind to create modern conveniences that we all enjoy today. From the Packard trunk to your backyard, modern air conditioners have come a long way. Anyone looking for modern HVAC supplies will find exactly what they need and more with DM Supply Source. We provide the best HVAC parts online, coupled with expert guidance and technical assistance for any and all of your needs. Browse our vast collection to find the HVAC supplies you need, or contact us today for assistance!

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