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Tstat: Dual, DA/RA, Horiz F :- NOTE: The CTE-5202 replaces this thermostat series. The CTE-5100 Electronic Room Thermostat series is designed for use with the CSP-5001/5002 Flow Controller-Actuator and/or the REE-1000/4000 series auxiliary relays. Other high impedance (10K ohms or higher) controls, such as MEP series actuators and VEB series valves requiring a 0 to 10 VDC control circuit, may be controlled via any of the CTE-5100 series thermostats. The CTE-5100 series thermostats have both limited and non-limited outputs. The limited output is used to provide adjustable minimum and maximum limits to a CSP-5001/5002 or impose electronic limits to a proportional actuator or valve. Models are available for cooling, heating, cooling with reheat, cooling/heating changeover, day/night, or night/day applications. Temperature averaging and/or overrides are also available. All thermostats require a scale plate assembly and cover which may be ordered separately or as part of a value package containing the most frequently ordered accessories. Thermostat and accessories styling feature the setpoint indicator and/or thermometer to be visible or concealed, setpoint adjustment locked or restricted, vertical or horizontal mounting, and attractive color finishes in plastic or metal.

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