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Relay: Reheat, 0-6VDC Input :- KMC REE-4001 relay modules are designed primarily for use with VAV terminal units in HVAC systems. When used with CTE series room thermostats, up to three stages of reheat may be controlled. They may also be controlled by a 0 to 10 VDC output from a DDC or analog controller. Each triac output circuit is capable of handling contactors of up to 10 VA @ 24 VAC. The three circuits are calibrated to actuate at equally spaced intervals across the thermostat€™s proportional band. By using the REE-4001, the heating requirements of a particular VAV terminal may be actuated in three separate steps affording more precise temperature control. KMC REE-4001 Relay Modules are primarily intended for use with the following thermostat models: CEE-1103CTE-1004CTE-1103CTE-5002/5012CTE-5202

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