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Valve: 5" 3W, Rbr Seat, 1022 CV, Floating, Failsafe :- The electronic KMC VEF-56 series control butterfly valves are three-way, mixing or diverting valves for control of flow in high-capacity hot or chilled water applications. Valves range in size from 2"; to 5"; with modified equal percentage flow characteristics. The lug-style valves feature a stainless-steel disk and shaft with an EPDM seat to assure long life and bubble-tight shut off. These valves use KMC MEP-7000 series ControlSet tri-state or proportional actuators. An optional fail-safe feature allows failure to either position upon loss of 24 VAC supply—the capacitor-driven fail-safe models provide efficient operation with switch-selectable fail direction. The MEP-7xx2 proportional (2–10 VDC or 4–20 mA) models feature a switch-selectable, 1–5 or 2–10 VDC voltage feedback output that is proportional to the actuator position. A gear disengagement feature allows positioning of the valve stem/disk without energizing the actuator. For equivalent two-way valves, see the VEF-53 series.

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