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Explaining The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Mini-Split Air Conditioners Part 2

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When a residence or business fails to provide sufficient space or logistical feasibility for ducting for the HVAC system, the options available become limited. One solution comes in the form of a mini-split air conditioner, which can provide numerous benefits over traditional AC devices. With a small size and versatile application, mini-splits have proven to be a useful device in the industry. As a quality provider of HVAC supplies, DM Supply Source is proud to offer a comprehensive inventory of thousands of needed parts and components from the top brands across the globe. We are proud to be your online HVAC supply house, delivering top-notch parts with unbeatable service and expert knowledge.

Discussing the Drawbacks

We’ll continue to look at mini-split conditioners by discussing the drawbacks and possible negatives associated with the product. While a great option for many consumers, this device may not prove to be the best choice for others. Read on to learn more or feel free to shop our store for all of the heating and cooling supplies your project needs!

  • Initial costs. While smaller and more efficient, the costs associated with installing your ductless AC can prove to be much higher. Paying to install one in a single room can prove to be costly, especially when compared to other one-room cooling solutions. You’ll be spending thousands of dollars instead of hundreds. When used to cool the entire house, mini-splits may end up costing more than twice as much as replacing the air conditioner system with ducting. The higher efficiency will definitely save on your energy bill, but it can take a long time for this benefit to justify the high cost. The return on investment here depends on user habits, outside climate, and more.


  • Maintenance needs. While easier to access and maintain, the consistency at which you take care of your mini-split unit will dictate how long it will last. Simply put, ductless fans cannot stand up to a buildup of debris. It’s important to clean out each unit’s filter about every four weeks (frequencies can vary!), or you may be facing issues down the road. If left ignored, professional cleaning services may be required, costing you more money in the process. If a mini-split unit is installed, be sure to stay on top of maintenance!
  • Aesthetic qualities. While small and minimally impactful on the surrounding area, ductless units can be guilty of unsightly appearances. Running the piping to the outside is useful, yet the exterior appearances can be affected. Whereas ducts can transport air to vents and registers hidden discretely throughout the home, mini-splits take up a considerable amount of space on the interior wall. Anyone looking for a complete design project may be disappointed when they realize that most of their ductless options come in white or beige. The aesthetic qualities may have a major impact in your decision-making process, but it is important to note that many homeowners find that the unit is worth the design issues.

Mini-split air conditioners may prove to be the ideal solution for certain applications, but they certainly aren’t perfect. When these units require servicing or repairs, it can help to find a quality AC supply store that has the parts and expertise needed for an optimal outcome. DM Supply Source proudly supplies all of the HVAC supplies you need with our comprehensive online store. Shop today for your control devices or contact us for help!