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Overview A single Multi-Mon metering device can accommodate any combination of single- or multi-phase inputs for up to 36 channels. This permits configuration of up to three dozen single-phase, 18 two-phase, 12 three-phase, or other load combinations up to the device™s maximum input capability. No external power supply is needed; Multi-Mon™s three phases and neutral are fed by the measured voltages. Measuring a compact 5.0" (127mm) H x 12.0" (304.8mm) W, Multi-Mon offers a choice of DIN rail mounting inside the branch circuit panel or an optional steel enclosure for mounting adjacent to the panel. Available in delta and wye configurations, solid- and split-core current sensors are available from 100 to 1200A and are ordered separately due to the unit™s many possible current sensor and phase combinations. The standard communications protocol is Modbus RTU via RS-485 but Modbus TCP/IP via Ethernet is available optionally. The device is also compatible with E-Mon Energy™ software via EZ7 protocol for automatic meter reading, energy billing, load profiling and providing power quality information. Features Multi-channel operation—any combination of single-, two- and three-phase loads can be monitored up to 36 total current inputs Easy programming—two row, 16-character backlit LCD simplified set up Modbus RTU communications protocol is standard; Modbus TCP/IP optional Solid- and split-core current sensors for optimum installation flexibility; 100-1200A Meter can be read via onscreen display, Modbus communications, E-Mon Power Software for Power Quality Analysis and E-Mon Energy billing software Event recorder logs internal diagnostic events and set point operations Interval data is collected from each metered point and stored in 8MB onboard flash memory Embedded programmable controllers optimize data collection characteristics of each metered point Easy programmable time-of-use scheduling for up to 8 tariff changes per day Compatible with E-Mon Energy software via EZ7 protocol for automatic meter reading, billing and profiling Internal real-time clock can run for more than one week without external power Compliant with IEC specifications and ANSI C12.20 Class 10/20 Class 0.25 Precision (Active Energy)
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