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Low Pressure Transducers, –10 to +10" or 0 to 10" wc (–2.5 to +2.5 kPa or 0 to 2.5 kPa) :- These low pressure transducers can be used to measure positive, negative, or differential pressure. The TPE-1475-xx series models have both pressure ports on the side. The TPE-1477-xx series models have an integrated duct probe and one pressure port on the side. The piezoresistive sensor is ideal for monitoring the pressure of air or other clean inert gases. Typical HVAC applications include monitoring of filter differential pressure or duct pressure. The models feature selectable pressure ranges and output signal options for the most flexible applications. The output signal is factory-calibrated and temperature-compensated for highest start-up accuracy and trouble-free operation. They can be powered from a 20 to 28 volt AC or DC power source. They incorporate a high-impact polycarbonate UL94-V0, IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure. The enclosure has a standard 1/2-inch conduit opening and may be installed with either conduit and a conduit coupler or a cable-gland-type fitting. Features include: Selectable voltage or current outputs of 4–20 mA (2-wire) or 0–10 VDC (3-wire)Measures positive, negative, or differential pressuresSelectable pressure ranges (see the chart in the data sheet)Powered by 20 to 28 VAC or VDCPush-button auto-zeroNOTE: These specifications are for models that started shipping April 2020. For specifications of earlier models, see Rev. B of the data sheet.

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