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NetSensor: Temperature, Humidity, Occupancy, CO2, White :- KMC Conquest STE-9000 series NetSensors are wall-mounted digital space temperature sensors designed for use with KMC Conquest BAC-5900/9000/9300 series controllers. Key features include the following: Up to four sensors in a single package minimizes labor, wiring, and wall space, while optional humidity, motion, and CO2 sensors allow expanded energy-efficient control of humidity, temperature setback, lighting, and ventilation.A user-friendly three-button integrated operator interface provides occupant viewing and adjusting, and the LCD display is user-configurable to show parameters such as temperature, setpoint, system status, and time.The upper (default) LCD display shows room temperature and setpoints. A lower (default) display shows local time and can be enabled to show (dependent on sensors and controller configuration) % relative humidity, CO2 ppm, and outside air temperature (°F or °C) in rotation. Both displays can be configured to show any controller default or calculated analog or binary values (such as airflow or energy consumption), and multiple values can show in rotation.It allows up to two separate passwords for adjusting setpoints and configuring/commissioning/balancing.It connects to a controller via a modular jack connection using standard Ethernet patch cables.It installs permanently as a room sensor or temporarily as a service tool; as a service tool, it commissions controllers without software, configures communication and application settings, and balances VAV air flow.It\xa0supports single or\xa0dual setpoints (see the\xa0Single Setpoint for STE-9xxx NetSensor\xa0Application Guide for details on the process of configuring a single occupied setpoint).An HPO-9001 NetSensor distribution module allows up to eight STE-9000 series NetSensors to be linked to one controller or allows one STE-6010/6014/6017 analog temperature sensor to be connected with up to seven NetSensors.

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