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Don’t Be Left In The Cold With Your HVAC Supplies This Winter

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The colder season is almost upon us. For many citizens, the prospect of snow brings up images of Christmas festivities and ice skating. However, many HVAC companies know that the impending weather will bring with it a slew of emergency calls. Winter can place a lot of strain on your heating system. When this happens, the professionals with the correct heating and cooling supplies will emerge victorious. DM Supply Source is your go-to HVAC supply house when you are in need of tools and supplies. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is part of what makes us your Top Rated National® provider of HVAC supplies.

When it comes to emergencies that require these vital HVAC products, the causes are often very common. Here are a few issues face when firing up their furnace for the frigid temperatures:

Pilot Light Problems

A common reason to declare an emergency is when the pilot light does not stay lit. For many furnaces, this little flame is essential for commencing the heating process. A typical occurrence consists of a family that awakes on a cold morning to find that their home is freezing. A cursory examination will reveal that the little flame that kicks on for the heat is nowhere near combusting properly. While some people may start to browse HVAC parts online to find their needed fix, other citizens make a call to their local repair technician.

Proficiently Frozen Pipes

During intensely cold periods, ice can accumulate on healthy HVAC systems and incite a ruckus. This freezing of pipes and other components can be disastrous for homeowners. Keeping your furnace in optimum shape can prevent many of the pipe freezing debacles we see. If your company receives a call because of this issue, it is vital to be quick with the response and to have the right heating and cooling supplies on-hand. Failure to arrive with all haste can result in burst pipes and numerous plumbing bills!

Blustering Blower Issues

Another commonplace occurrence in the home is the blower not functioning properly. Your furnace’s blower is a key player in heating the household. As the name suggests, it uses a fan to blow hot air into the HVAC system. There are a few different causes of blower burnouts, including:

  • Bad relay. The blower’s power relay may not be functioning, equating to no power coming from the board.
  • Thermostat. As always, the brain of your HVAC system may not be working properly, leading to issues such as communicating with the blower.
  • Fan control. Your fan is set to automatically engage when it’s time to circulate that climate-controlled air.

The home’s heating system can come under a lot of stress during the freezing season. Inclement, snowy weather is often accompanied by an increase in the volume of calls asking for emergency heating repairs. If you’re in need of HVAC products and the knowledge behind those products, we can help! DM Supply Source is your resource for all of the HVAC supplies you need. WIth comprehensive training and experience, our staff will have the gear you need, every time. Shop our inventory today to find the components you’re looking for or feel free to contact us with any questions!

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