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Explaining The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Mini-Split Air Conditioners Part 1

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Households and businesses that are either lacking in the necessary ductwork or do not have the space or resources for installing new ducting can benefit from the installation and use of mini-split air conditioners. This relatively small unit can cool parts of the structure without taking up a lot of space, giving contractors and building managers alike a quality solution for their unique needs. The popularity and versatility of a mini-split makes it a common site in the HVAC repair industry. As a comprehensive provider of HVAC supplies, DM Supply Source is here to provide the best HVAC parts online. If you are in need of quality heating and cooling supplies, our vast inventory and knowledgeable staff are here to help! Today, we’ll look at a few advantages and disadvantages associated with this small air conditioning unit. If you’re in need of parts or assistance, be sure to utilize our HVAC supply house today!

Previewing the Pros

As a small unit that houses the compressor on the outside and the air-handling unit on the inside of the home, mini-split conditioners hold numerous unique advantages over their standard counterparts. Homeowners and property managers who make the choice to install these devices can benefit from:

  • Small impact. Due to their small size, mini-split air conditioners are able to be used in a variety of applications. For example, numerous models allow the use of four indoor units to supply comfortable air to four different rooms (or zones). Additionally, each room can house its own thermostat, giving users the ability to control the air temperature when their room is in use. This can be helpful for saving energy and the subsequent costs of doing so.
  • Efficiency. The minimal requirements for a mini-split system equates to improved energy efficiency. For one, these units require only a small hole for installation, minimizing the likelihood of air leakage. The ductless nature of this HVAC product means that you will not lose energy that is misplaced when working through the ductwork of a home. Structures with inefficient ducting can spend nearly a third of their energy consumption on ductwork waste. This increase in efficiency can pay big throughout the lifetime of your air conditioner!
  • Easy installation. Generally, the installation process for a mini-split conditioner is very simple. All that is need is a three-inch hole to connect the conduit between the indoor and outdoor units. You can also size your conduit based on the spacing between these units, delivering more versatility during the installation process.
  • Design versatility. Anyone worrying about the impact that their air conditioning can have on the room’s aesthetics can benefit from installing a mini-split air conditioner. You can install the interior unit on the walls, the ceiling, or mounted onto a drop-down ceiling. Indoor units will not take up a lot of space and are sleek enough to create a quality appearance when incorporated into a design.
  • Security. In comparison to similar window- and wall-mounted air conditioners, this option provides ample heating and cooling without creating a large space for intruders. Whereas a window AC unit can be handily removed for an easy entrance, mini-splits create only a three-inch gap.

Utilizing a mini-split AC can prove to be a very smart move for builders and homeowners who need a quality solution to their unique building needs. Next time, we’ll look into a few disadvantages associated with this miniature machine, as well as the value that our AC supply store brings when new or replacement components are needed. If there are HVAC supplies that you need, DM Supply Source should be your go-to resource for any and all HVAC parts online. Our comprehensive inventory and knowledgeable staff are both here to ensure that your project is done right the first time. Be sure to browse through our online inventory for what you need or contact us today for help with any of your questions!