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Interesting Facts On Your Central Air Conditioning Systems Part 1

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As the days get longer and evenings begin to warm up, many citizens nationwide are beginning to inspect their central air conditioning systems to ensure that everything is healthy and ready for the hot temperatures ahead. As such, your company will spend plenty of time discussing heating and cooling supplies with customers to keep them happy and their homes comfy. When the best quality parts are needed, you’ll benefit from our online AC supply store. DM Supply Source specializes in everything you’ll ever need, from the simplest control wires to full industrial units. Chances are that you are quite knowledgeable about the quirks and history surrounding our modern heating and air conditioning units. Today, we’ll look at a few interesting facts about air conditioning, in the event that there is one that you have not heard of. If this happens, you can feel free to use it to entertain nervous customers.

Conditioned air changed the movie industry. The early twentieth century saw the rise of machines that could chill air better than blocks of ice. Movie theaters capitalized on this new luxury in the 1930s, creating a comfortable viewing event for paying customers. People flocked to these buildings that kept you cool during the hottest summer months. To further boom business, marketing gurus saved the best movies for the hotter months, coining the term “summer blockbuster.”

  • It helped to develop America. Hotter states like Texas and Florida were not the best places to go to up until mid-twentieth century. With no effective relief from the heat, people were more apt to stay in cooler parts of the country. After the 1950s, though, widespread use of central air conditioning systems prompted a quick migration to these toastier locales.
  • A lack of air conditioning created summer breaks. Before machinery could effectively cool the air around us, the summer months were just too hot to be conducive for student learning. The hot season often resulted in a school break until temperatures dipped back down in the fall. Fortunately for many students seeking sunshine, the system was never changed after air conditioning was introduced to schools.
  • Replacing ice blocks. In the days before forced central air or evaporative coolers, people used blocks of ice to keep things cool. The original air conditioning units were actually measured by their effectiveness in terms of how many ice blocks it would take to provide the same cooling power. Fortunately, today’s lingo labels this system as AC units.
  • Trading in comfort. The beginning of the twentieth century held the first building to have an AC unit installed. That building happened to be the New York Stock Exchange. Consisting of a 300-ton monstrosity, this original AC device actually used free cooled air from the refrigeration process to move waste-steam air. This pioneer in technology actually served to cool a historically massive building for two decades!

Air conditioning has been the goal of humans since it was originally discovered that snow and ice could cool off the surrounding environment. Next time, we’ll look at a few more interesting facts that can help to educate and amuse curious customers. DM Supply Source is your one-stop AC supply store. We carry the best heating and cooling supplies to keep you stocked up and ready for the next job. Browse our comprehensive inventory online to find what you need today!

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